Combating Fatigue In The Rail Industry

The aim of this study is to detail the effects of fatigue on workers within the rail industry and, in turn, increase safety, reduce accidents and ultimately decrease the likelihood of class action suits against employers, which could have negative implications on a company’s bottom-line.

The negative effects of incidents arising from fatigue can have deeper implications for a brand. A serious non-conformance, as a result of a workers lapse of judgement due to fatigue, within a safety critical industry can lead to negative connotations attached to the brand within the stakeholder mindset. These negative connotations can fester within the online/offline communities, with today’s methods of instantaneous communication, which allows quick deployment of video, photographs, and audio files, can lead to information getting into the public domain quickly, and if not acted upon can damage a brands reputation and ultimately impact on its brand equity and its profits.

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