“The ZKL 3000 RC is a preinstalled remotely operated Track Circuit Operating Device. It creates a safe working environment for rail workers and makes some impressive time savings by reducing line blockage times.”

Additional Protection on Line Blockages

RSS Infrastructure is the UK’s leading specialist provider of Track Warning Services. We have invested heavily in the latest rail safety technology and can offer the ZKL 3000 RC as Additional Protection on line blockages. We always strive to offer our clients the most appropriate protection methods tailored to their specific needs.

Install Once and Control Remotely

The ZKL 3000 RC is installed once and left in place for an agreed period. With the push of a button, the line is taken out or put back into service quickly enabling rail workers to work efficiently and safely.

The ZKL 3000 RC enables authorised staff, with the agreement of the Signaller, to take a selected line out of service in a fast and safe way. The unit is installed on the railway once. After installation, it is simple to switch the section on and off within seconds using an app on a smartphone or tablet.

Electronically Simulated Blockade

Once activated, it electronically simulates the presence of a train in the section, creating an ‘occupied railway’ message, which causes the signals to change to red. The railway section is immediately blocked to train traffic, and workers can carry out their work safely and efficiently.

Minimise Possession Times

One of the significant advantages of the ZKL 3000 RC is it can be fitted once, left in place and turned on and off via remote control as necessary. This ability eliminates the need to install and remove multiple units over and over again to secure a worksite. The ZKL 3000 RC saves a great deal of time and improves efficiency meaning more work can be done in the same timeframe. As a consequence of this technology, line blockage times are minimised, and there is less disruption to rail traffic.

Increases Working Time Available

The ZKL 3000 RC automatically set the signals to red without the need for a worker to go out onto the railway. Network Rail found this freed up one hour of additional working time each night on work on the Leeds – Manchester route. The work was delivered several days ahead of schedule as a consequence.

Environmental Advantages of ZKL 3000 RC

As the ZKL 3000 RC is fitted once and left in-situ, there is no need to install and remove the units along a route continually. The number of journeys by car required, along with the associated CO2 emissions, is dramatically reduced.

Data Collection and Connectivity

The device collects data using a wireless link between the ZKL 3000 RC and the cloud. You can link multiple units as well as the instructions during a project’s work planning process. The technology provides you with an overview of the working environment. The ZKL 3000 RC contains a black box that can be read from the cloud environment using an app and a web page.

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Are you interested in learning more about the ZKL3000RC and how it can help keep your workforce safe? Contact our expert, Jason Fidoe on 0330 113 0004 today.

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Meet the Expert

Jason Fidoe
Head of Track Warning Services

The ZKL 3000 RC is designed to protect track workers without transferring risk. This revolutionary Additional Protection unit has the technology to protect those working in line blockages and capture data on all line blockages for the first time, with outstanding measurement and analytics.

Meet the Expert
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“RSSI personnel who worked to recover the IBJ’s were faultless and brilliant guys to work with, they are a credit to the S&T division at RSSI.”

Brian Watterson – Signalling Supervisor Phase 5 at S&C North Alliance

“RSSI personnel who were involved with the works at Northam had to work through some of the worst weather conditions I have seen and continued to keep spirits high and had a fantastic work attitude allowing for the project to continue.”

Chris Courtenay – Signalling Supervisor (Infrastructure) for Colas Rail

“I would like to thank RSS for their work so far on the blockade at Northam, they have been great.”

Andrew Woolliss – Project Engineer (Wessex) S&C – Infrastructure

“Thanks to RSSI we are on top of all movements every day with nothing outstanding. ”

Ryan Steel – Field Engineer (OLE England) at Amey

“RSSI assisted in the cable running shifts, preparation work including changeovers of the 8 x track circuits and the 10c, 27c and 4 x 48c lineside cables. Their quality of work, attitude and work ethic has been absolutely spot on. ”

Dan Palmer – Installation and Construction Engineer at Carillion Signalling

“Being able to work during the day with trains still running is fantastic for team fatigue. The use of an ATWS installed for the duration makes the job even safer and removes the need for Lookouts. Thanks to the guys from RSSI for installing and managing for us.”

Robert Woods – Senior Project Manager at Amey

“The RSSI personnel who worked on the Bilston Road Track Renewal project have been exceptional and played a major part in ensuring the works were completed on time and to budget.”

Paul Brown – Project Director for Midland Metro Alliance

“The RSSI Arboriculture Team did a great job in completing the job safely and efficiently as planned. The feedback from my site supervisor was very good, he said that all exclusion zone were enforced and adhered to and appropriate PPE was used for the task. ”

Ameer Ibrahim – Senior Project Manager for Colas

“The De-Veg works that the Arboriculture team undertook was to a very high standard, the site looks 100% better and everybody my end is really happy with the service you provided. ”

Jamie Gibbons – Site Manager for S&C Alliance

“I have had a good walk along the fence line and I am very happy with the work carried out. All the over hanging trees and Limbs have been removed. Very good work. ”

Mike Gibson – Terminal Manager for Associated British Ports

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