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Sleeper Change Project

“This project showcased our commitment to delivering sustainable and long-term solutions. The use of composite sleepers not only addressed the immediate TSR issue but also offered an environmentally friendly solution with an extended lifespan.”
Simon Capper, Rail Projects, RSS Infrastructure

Services Delivered

The Bromsgrove Sleeper Change project, led by the Rail Projects division of RSSI, was a significant project undertaken for our client, Network Rail. The £235,000 contract involved a three-weekend blockade, each consisting of 52-hour work schedules, with the main objective of replacing damaged sleepers to remove a Temporary Speed Restriction (TSR) which was impacting train efficiency.

Key Actions

  • Developed a comprehensive project plan, including Possession planning,
    CPP, WPP, Task Briefs, and SAC’s
  • Coordinated roles and responsibilities of Engineering Supervisor, Hand back, Supervisor, Site Manager, Track Charge Man, COSS’s, and Skilled Op’s
  • Replaced 160 wooden sleepers and 117 composite sleepers, totalling 277
    Implemented longer-lasting, ecofriendly composite sleepers
  • Interfaced with our plant suppliers



Werrington Grade Separation, RSS Infrastructure

Project Value


Werrington Grade Separation, RSS Infrastructure


Rail Projects

Werrington Grade Separation, RSS Infrastructure

Project Duration

3 Weekends

Project Delivery

The Bromsgrove Sleeper Change project was designed to address a critical
challenge faced by our client, Network Rail – a TSR. This TSR was implemented due to poor track conditions and resulted in inefficiencies in the timetable. The main aim of the project was to replace the damaged sleepers, thereby removing the TSR and restoring efficiency.

Throughout the three-weekend blockade, the Rail Projects division of RSSI replaced a total of 277 sleepers, including 160 wooden and 117 composite sleepers. The introduction of composite sleepers, which are known for their long lifespan and environmental friendliness, signified a significant upgrade to the track.

During the delivery of this project, the RSSI team prepared comprehensive
project plans and coordinated the roles of multiple team members. This coordinated approach was crucial in ensuring the safe and successful completion of the project within the allocated timeframe.

The completion of the Bromsgrove Sleeper Change project led to the impending removal of the TSR, significantly improving the efficiency of train schedules. Moreover, by opting for composite sleepers, RSSI demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and long-term solutions, ultimately enhancing the client’s operations and contributing to environmental conservation.

About Us

RSS Infrastructure provides multi-disciplinary infrastructure services for the rail, civil and utilities sectors. With offices in Birmingham, Cwmbran, and Doncaster, RSSI works with several clients, including Network Rail, WMCA, Midland Metro Alliance, HS2 as well as Tier 1 & 2 contractors. Services offered include; Arboriculture, Construction & Civils, Magnetic Track Safety, Possession Management, Rail Operations, Safety-Critical Resource, Signalling, Track Warning Services, and Welding.


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