RSS Infrastructure (RSSI) were tasked by Network Rail’s Manchester’s Delivery Unit with ensuring that their workforce was protected whilst they were undertaking structural examinations on a site where all lines were to remain open.


NWR personnel had already attempted to work under inefficient Line Blockages which had affected Train Operating
Companies and their customers. Track Renewal Contractors and NWR DU personnel were also unable to gain sufficient access to complete the works.

The initial survey found that due to the workforce operating on Bi-directional lines the best protection method was the Automatic Track Warning System (ATWS) which was installed in accordance with the straight-line movement process. To provide full workforce protection the site would require 4x ATWS to cover 4 miles, which was the largest scale project completed to date.

RSSI mobilised a large-scale team of TWS operatives to install the system within a 6-hour possession. The system then provided advanced warning to on-coming trains through an audible and visual warning over the course of the 5-day project.


The industry is moving into the next control period where it is clear that the industry has to find new and more efficient ways to deliver their planned works to enable the network to deliver its program accordingly.

Throughout CP5 the industry has continued to be affected by a gradual reduction in productivity because of a lack of track access. However, this is not to say that the industry should be compromising safety it should instead be looking forward in CP6 to replacing traditional methods of safe track access, such as Line Blocks and Lookouts, which are inefficient when compared with new technology that can improve safety, increase efficiency and drive productivity whilst reducing overall costs. To assist the industry in achieving this mission, RSSI has identified that the efficiency delivered by the ATWS will increase productivity
whilst reducing overall spend.

The company estimates that working in the conventional way during night time line blockages results in a 70% drop in production whilst still paying the staff for 100%.

Working under ATWS during daylight can increase productivity by over a 100% resulting in more paid hours working whilst drastically reducing driver fatigue related to early hours driving.

Meet the Expert

Jason Fidoe - Head of Track Warning Systems

Meet the expert

“RSSI personnel who were involved with the works at Northam had to work through some of the worst weather conditions I have seen and continued to keep spirits high and had a fantastic work attitude allowing for the project to continue.”

Chris Courtenay – Signalling Supervisor (Infrastructure) for Colas Rail

“Thanks to RSSI we are on top of all movements every day with nothing outstanding. ”

Ryan Steel – Field Engineer (OLE England) at Amey

“RSSI assisted in the cable running shifts, preparation work including changeovers of the 8 x track circuits and the 10c, 27c and 4 x 48c lineside cables. Their quality of work, attitude and work ethic has been absolutely spot on. ”

Dan Palmer – Installation and Construction Engineer at Carillion Signalling

“Being able to work during the day with trains still running is fantastic for team fatigue. The use of an ATWS installed for the duration makes the job even safer and removes the need for Lookouts. Thanks to the guys from RSSI for installing and managing for us.”

Robert Woods – Senior Project Manager at Amey

“The RSSI personnel who worked on the Bilston Road Track Renewal project have been exceptional and played a major part in ensuring the works were completed on time and to budget.”

Paul Brown – Project Director for Midland Metro Alliance

“The De-Veg works that the Arboriculture team undertook was to a very high standard, the site looks 100% better and everybody my end is really happy with the service you provided. ”

Jamie Gibbons – Site Manager for S&C Alliance

“I have had a good walk along the fence line and I am very happy with the work carried out. All the over hanging trees and Limbs have been removed. Very good work. ”

Mike Gibson – Terminal Manager for Associated British Ports

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