RSS Infrastructure has been providing compound management and perimeter fencing services to the Rail and Construction industries for many years. The Compound Management team, which is part of the Construction & Civils division, specialises in providing customers with a complete site compound solution.

We can survey, build, install and remove compounds to meet the needs of our customers. Our secure perimeter fencing solutions combat unauthorised access and ensure the safety of staff and equipment.

Key services we can supply include:

  • Compound construction, installation and removal
  • Compound cleaning
  • Drivers
  • Equipment inventory management
  • Fuel management
  • Lighting installation & removal
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Plant ops
  • Risk assessments
  • Site access control
  • Site surveys
  • Trackway installation & removal
  • Traffic management
  • Welfare & Storage Facilities
  • Vegetation Management

Compound Types

Generally, compounds are required at different locations along the route and are mostly alongside or adjacent to the proposed works. We predominantly build and install two types of compound: main compounds and satellite compounds.

Main Compounds

Main compounds are hubs for core project activities. They often include site offices, storage areas, fuel supplies, maintenance and parking facilities (for plant, vans and cars), as well as welfare facilities for site personnel.

Satellite Compounds

Satellite compounds are smaller, providing an office area, local storage for plant and materials, some welfare facilities, and limited car parking for site personnel.

Compound Utilities

Compounds are the point of entry to a worksite. They are vital for storing materials and equipment and site personnel welfare. Where possible, temporary connections for compounds will be made to existing utilities to reduce the need for generators and storage tanks. However, in the majority of compounds, we install water tanks for washing hands & toilets and use bottled water for drinking or making a drink.

Compound Safety & Security

Our Compound Management team install perimeter fencing to improve safety and security. The type of fencing will take into account the level of protection required and the visual impact on the area.

Lighting in and around the compound will be appropriate and will consider any light pollution that could affect any adjacent properties or local wildlife.

Within compounds, areas for offices, welfare and storage are secured with fences and gates.

Compound Personnel

We can supply key staff such as a Gateman, site security, site supervisors and cleaners if required. We can ensure the compound is maintained, that site attendees are aware and comply with site rules.

Handing Back Compound

On completion of the works, our Compound Management team return the site to its original state for the hand back. This work is undertaken as soon as reasonably practicable.

Contact Compound Management Team

Contact us today on 0330 113 0004 to find out more about our Compound Management services. Our experienced team, led by Martin Benson, are available to discuss your next project.

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Pankaj Kapoor
Operations Director

"The Compound Management team survey, build, install and remove compounds for a wide range of rail and construction customers. Our highly skilled workforce have ensured the success of the most complex projects, resulting in an unrivalled reputation for quality, safety and reliability."

Meet the Expert
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Delivering compound management & security solutions

RSS Infrastructure can survey, build, install and remove compounds with secure perimeter fencing to meet the needs of our customers.

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“RSSI personnel who were involved with the works at Northam had to work through some of the worst weather conditions I have seen and continued to keep spirits high and had a fantastic work attitude allowing for the project to continue.”

Chris Courtenay – Signalling Supervisor (Infrastructure) for Colas Rail

“Thanks to RSSI we are on top of all movements every day with nothing outstanding. ”

Ryan Steel – Field Engineer (OLE England) at Amey

“RSSI assisted in the cable running shifts, preparation work including changeovers of the 8 x track circuits and the 10c, 27c and 4 x 48c lineside cables. Their quality of work, attitude and work ethic has been absolutely spot on. ”

Dan Palmer – Installation and Construction Engineer at Carillion Signalling

“Being able to work during the day with trains still running is fantastic for team fatigue. The use of an ATWS installed for the duration makes the job even safer and removes the need for Lookouts. Thanks to the guys from RSSI for installing and managing for us.”

Robert Woods – Senior Project Manager at Amey

“The RSSI personnel who worked on the Bilston Road Track Renewal project have been exceptional and played a major part in ensuring the works were completed on time and to budget.”

Paul Brown – Project Director for Midland Metro Alliance

“The De-Veg works that the Arboriculture team undertook was to a very high standard, the site looks 100% better and everybody my end is really happy with the service you provided. ”

Jamie Gibbons – Site Manager for S&C Alliance

“I have had a good walk along the fence line and I am very happy with the work carried out. All the over hanging trees and Limbs have been removed. Very good work. ”

Mike Gibson – Terminal Manager for Associated British Ports

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  • Track Warning Services
  • Welding
  • Signalling Services
  • Resource & Recruitment
  • Construction & Civils
  • Magnetic Track Safety Solutions
  • Track Access & Lighting
  • Vegetation Management
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