Behavioural Based Safety Training Improves Track Safety

behavioural-based training
Auctus Management Group have taken the decision to enrol the entire workforce onto the Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) course, the aim of which is to guide behavioural changes.

The company have been working in partnership with Keystone to ingrain the message of safety into the beliefs and values of the organisation and its subsidiary companies. BBS is a process that reduces unsafe behaviours that can lead to incidents occurring on work-sites. The course focuses on worker behaviour and human order clomid pills online factors rather than limiting itself to the traditional approach of engineering safeguards.

BBS will be led by front line staff, and supported by top-level management, who will lead by example and ensure that the safety practices learnt in BBS are embedded within the company’s culture. Moreover, the course will decrease the human and financial costs of accidents and lead to reduced injuries and illness as well as improving morale, quality, performance and productivity.